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ACS Magazine engages the general public to support culturally rewarding experiences, programs, and artists' communities. The Arts/Cultural Projects offers artists' exhibition opportunities, curatorial projects, promotion & marketing.  The arts/cultural team explores a blend of internationally known to local emerging artists.  We explore a fresh range of eclectic artistic styles that will be inviting, educational, engaging, and cultural rewarding to the general public. 


Our mission is to provide cultural exchange projects which encourage cross-cultural, local and international understanding, hosts international artists for local arts exhibitions, facilitate and curate international exhibitions; increase artists’ visibility internationally, nurture artists’ communities globally; and act as a catalyst to foster corporate sponsorships and endorsements, facilitate international professional career development; and feature international emerging to establish artists through the multimedia platforms.


Enriching Artists Communities and Outreach Globally

Our team collaborates and connects key stakeholders (art students, emerging to international established artists, curators, gallerists, art administrators, art organizations, government art programs, museums, colleges, universities, and the private sector arena) to build stronger artist communities. Our eam provides exposure and increased access to improve the artist communities' image, and the local economy through increased visibility, public awareness, media relations, building collaborative partnerships and strengthening coalition support. Our approach is to proceed strategically and tactically to assist artist communities in building collaborative partnerships. Our methods used in helping create these partnerships to include: identification of mutually beneficial goals and activities for potential partners; the subsequent building of partnerships; and promotion of clear, well-understood dialogue between all partners.  Our approach creates the right climate where community collaborative partnerships strive strategically and tactically to move toward successful outcomes.


Our team seeks to build bridges with local and international audiences who might not otherwise have the opportunity to engage with cultural diverse art programs. Through art rich programming we seek to build bridges across the divides in our nation and globally that too often isolate people and lessens their humanity, productivity, and wellbeing. The local and international cultural exchange projects mean increased access to quality arts programs for diverse artists’ communities which can improve the overall quality of life to the general public. Our projects skillfully address diversity challenges while bringing cultural competence and adaptability to the art programs. 

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