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Rine Boyer Front Cover 2020.jpg

ACS Magazine Rine Boyer | March 9, 2020 Issue


Rine's 3D installation work (Robin & Jaclyn) graces the front cover of the ACS Magazine Rine Boyer | March 9, 2020 Issue. Published by Renée LaVerné Rose (Publisher & Editor-in-Chief).


ACS Magazine presents a fascinating, extremely talented artist Rine Boyer.  Rine opens up about what really inspires her as an artist "Broadly it is how people view each other. I’m interested in how people see and try to understand one another. People have been my primary subject matter for the past 13 years. I find us endlessly fascinating, and believe all artwork is ultimately about people – even landscapes are about people because it is how people see or interact with the landscape. Since depicting people is such fertile ground, I have stuck with it and continue to explore what makes us tick." 

Louis Atelouis Front Cover 2020.jpg

ACS Magazine Louis Atelouis | February 17, 2020 Issue


Louis Atelouis shares "My artworks reflect an ironic social criticism and I am always looking for approaches and techniques that do not yet exist, like the "Pleat-Art" I developed, where the canvases are crumpled, worked on and ironed."  Louis Atelouis' intuitive work graces the front cover of the ACS Magazine Louis Atelouis | February 17, 2020 Issue. Published by Renée LaVerné Rose (Publisher & Editor-in-Chief).

Mike Front Cover.jpg

ACS Magazine Mike Baker | February 9, 2020 Issue


Mike Baker gracing the front cover of the ACS Magazine Mike Baker | February 9, 2020 Issue. Read this fascinating history of Mike Baker's love of photography!   Mike shares "I am a ‘techy,’ having worked in high energy physics and the telecom arena. I’ve always been interested in the visual arts, visiting museums to enjoy paintings from some of the masters, particularly in the impressionist era.... Read all about this amazing fine arts photographer.

Front  Thread of Truth.jpg

ACS Magazine Threads of Truth | January 28, 2020 Issue


Threads of Truth | Fiber Arts & Social Impact | curated by Sergio Gomez | Exhibition dates: January 17 to February 21, 2020 at Zhou B Art Center. Threads of Truth is a fiber arts-based exhibition focusing on exploring work of social activism by artists working in the fiber arts medium.  This exhibition will provide a forum for works that explore various facets of social activism, criticism, and global impact. Threads of Truth will pose questions, raise awareness and bring light to some of the many issues that confront our world today. While fiber art is often considered a gentle medium, this exhibition will reveal it’s other side.

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